Saturday, July 4, 2009

Yes - I'm back!!!

Its been a while but I am now going to fulfill my new years resolution and update my blog at regular intervals - better late than never !!
Just arrived home after our Tim Holtz allday workshop. What agreat day!! lots of lovely ladies and key lime pie to boot! Fourth of July was well and truely celebrated! The king or should i say Queen of distressing took centre stage! He has sooo many great products on the market at the moment that its difficult to know what to choose. Apolgies that we did not get around to using the beeswax girls but as usual time ran away from us!!


Piddawinkle said...

thanks for a great day Jayne, Chris and Katie. Really enjoyed myself, have just posted book onto my blog for all to see, put a link on their to your shop. Siobhan

Smiffy's Particrafting adventures said...

What a terrific day. Have posted photo's of book and the workshop onto my blog. Really looking forward to the October weekend.

Anonymous said...

It was a great day. My friends are so impressed with my handiwork! Thanks again. When will the next course list be ready?