Friday, January 8, 2010


Okay so enough is enough!
As I speak it is a blizzard outside. I have just spent twenty minutes blowdrying a cocker spaniel who is now drying out in front of the roaring fire! He is just like a small child - sitting by the patio doors whinning to go out!
I have spent the day trying to re-arrange my craft room. Its been a case of trying to fit a pint into a quart pot.
If you had read my blog from yesterday you would have seen my new year resolution on tidyness. I am struggling to maintain my resolve and its only day one!
I have however been playing domestic goddess in the kitchen and the oven has been red hot all day. Its something about snow and sub zero temperatures that brings out the urge to produce comfort food by the platefull!
Lamb casserole, coconut cake and vegetable soup to name but a few culinery delights!
Managed to make one man very happy with a coffee and walnut cake - he will know who he is!
Anyway, off to make a new baby card for a little girl born in New England named Ava Maria.
Congratulations to Melissa and Bill!
speak soon and keep warm!

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Katie said...

Hi...thought i'd be the first to comment

well done with keeping your new years resolution - 2 whole days of updating your blog!!

I can hear ollie snoring from here - he had a fun walk in the snow earlier - all those snow balls!

keep going with the craft room - its nearly there!

oh - and the coconut cake was delicious!!!!

love katie x