Tuesday, October 28, 2014


It has been a while but we are back on blog line!

Just recovering (in a nice way) from great workshops in Kent and an awesome weekend in York!
Great to see so many familiar faces and new ones as well.

Hopefully gave lots of inspiration and helped jump start you for the winter crafting season.
I can not believe it is nine or so weeks to Christmas! Millie our eldest granddaughter has been consuming all the toy catalogues and all I can say is that I hope Santa now drives a juggernaut!!

Thank you to everybody who has been booking places for our 2015 workshops in Kent. Its been fast and furious and we have just a few places left.

One of my favourite paper companies is Graphic 45 as you may well know if you have been following my blog!
This Christmas they have gone very retro and based their designs on 'Twas The Night before Christmas'.
Below are the instructions for making a lovely little story book based on the theme of The Night before Christmas


I have used two 8" cards. A black marker line shows where the original centre score line is.
On the first card I cut 13cm from the LHS of the card.

On the second card I cut off 7cm from the LHS and 4.5cm from the RHS of the card.

 Now score a line 2cm to the right of the original score line. Fold the card along the original centre score line and place card in front of you so that the fold is on the LHS.

Cut a piece of polyester sheet 20cm x 21.5cm. Make a score line at 20cm on the 21.5cm length, creating a 1.5cm tab. Fix double sided tape along this tab.

Attach polyester to second card so that the tab wraps around the fold of the card and the main 20 x20 side of polyester is on the front.

On the back of the 2cm section where the polyester tab is - attach double sided tape

Take the first card and fold along score line.

Peel off the double sided tape from the second card and nestle it inside the first card matching up the top and bottom edges and ensuring a flush fit fold into fold. This is the basis of your card.

Now all you have to do is decorate it!
Please excuse finger!


I have cut out a large clock and placed it in the bottom right hand corner of the polyester sheet and have covered it on the back with the same size circle of green.

The plain cardstock is actually Desert Storm Bazzill cardstock instead of the traditional red.
The bobbles on the fireplace are from Bazzill also.

Don't forget all the names of Santas reindeer!
The large clock is the same size as the one on the polyester and sits exactly behind it

I have included a white rectangle for writing a message but you could replace this with another image.

I have used this design for many different occasions including special birthdays or anniversaries.
The finished book fits into an 8" box which I have also decorated

I hope you have fun making up your own designs

Happy crafting!!

Jayne x

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